Multilayer construction with different degrees of hardness for vibration control, solid wood in front baffle area & internal for resonance control.

Wall thickness variable between 32 mm and 74 mm.

Bass enclosure: Bass chambers with 9 x 12" Race-Track bass drivers radiating upwards and downwards (with hard suspended paper cone)

Midrange enclosure: Akkustik-Chamber-Line, with reflex opening downwards

Chassis equipment per loudspeaker: 

2x 8 cm AMT tweeter (Air Motion Transformer)

2 x 6 inch woofer/midrange driver with papyrus cone

2 x 9 x 12 inch bass driver with paper diaphragm, hard suspended


fully active system with analog input filters, special amplifiers for low, mid and high frequency range, 1850 Watt per side/loudspeaker

Special feature: individually adaptable to listening room conditions and personal preferences via analog filters

Frequency response:

20 Hz to 35 kHz, -3 dB


1220 x 520 x 230 (H x D x W), cabinet without high-frequency unit

Weight 90,0 kg