High End Audio Systems

Speakers & Amplifiers

Future-oriented design that clearly follows the maxim of audiophile reproduction - i.e. the most lossless possible reproduction of the respective recording.

Audio components whose stunning reproduction quality is no accidental result, but the reward of years of tinkering and experience.



Special & handmade

Individual solutions

To implement individual customer wishes and to fulfil long-cherished dreams is our greatest pleasure. 

The realization of audiophile listening pleasure from the planning to the craftsmanship is our supreme discipline - from the optimization of the room acoustics to the prefabricated loudspeaker cable, all from a single source!



Unique worldwide

Wiener Wunderkind

How to describe the Viennese wunderkind without having heard it live? Maybe so:

An ultra-compact, mobile playback wonder that meets the highest audiophile standards and in every respect represents an audio system at the height of our times.