Hand-made wood block as the basis for high-precision milling of the sound processes, craftsmanship of the finest!

Wall thickness 2.4 to 5 cm

Transmissionsline in the bass range, radiating to the rear

Bass reflex cabinet in the low / mid range, radiating downwards

Chassis assembly:

2x 6x9 inch racetrack paper cone, hard hung

2x 5 inch woofer / midrange with papyrus membrane

1x 5cm cone tweeter with graphite membrane

1x 6cm AMT tweeter, dipole


800 watts / side

Frequency response:

26 Hz to 31 kHz


Height 98.0 cm
Width 13,0 cm front / back
19.0 cm middle
Depth 34.0 cm

Weight 34.0 kg