Solid wood content 90%, multi-layer structure with different degrees of hardness, types of wood used in the multi-layer structure (from inside to outside): spruce, birch, oak, beech

Wall thickness variable between 7cm and 17cm

Bass enclosure: 2 closed bass chambers per LS, each with 12-inch bass chassis radiating up and down (with hard-hanging paper cone)

Midrange housing: Acoustic chamber line constructed, with reflex opening to the front

Chassis assembly per speaker:

2x 20 or 25 cm AMT tweeters (Air Motion Transformer)

4x 8 inch woofer / midrange with alnico magnet and papyrus membrane

1x 6 inch woofer upwards radiating

4x 12 inch bass driver with paper cone, hung up hard


fully active system with analogue input filters, special amplifiers for low, medium and high frequency branch, 3300 watts per side / loudspeaker

Special feature: via analogue filters individually adaptable to listening room conditions and personal preferences

Frequency response:

20 Hz to 29 kHz


Height 145,0 cm
Width 21.0 cm front / back
38.0 cm middle
Depth 64.0 cm

Weight 190.0 kg